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The Graphic Truth: Trump's indictment fundraising boom

The Graphic Truth: Trump's indictment fundraising boom

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday pleaded not guilty to four counts linked to allegations that he tried to undermine the 2020 election result and remain in power despite losing the vote.

A judge set the first hearing for Aug. 28, just days after the first Republican presidential debate is set to take place – though the GOP frontrunner has suggested he may not participate in the debate.

Thursday’s appearance marked the third time in just four months that Trump has stood in a court and pleaded not guilty to criminal charges.

Still, not only do these legal woes not appear to be hurting Trump in the polls – the former president remains the frontrunner by a huge margin – but his joint fundraising committees have actually seen a boost from his previous indictments. The charges appear to be firing up his loyal base. (To be sure, that doesn’t translate to cash on hand as his legal quandaries appear to be draining the committee’s finances.)

We take a look at what Trump’s monthly joint fundraising committee has raised since he announced his reelection bid in Nov. 2022.


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