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Ukraine tries to wreck Russian morale

Ukrainian servicemen attend a training to use drones in Zaporizhzhia region.

Ukrainian servicemen attend a training to use drones in Zaporizhzhia region.


Ukrainian drones reportedly hit a Russian super bomber at the Soltsy-2 base outside St. Petersburg, which is a significant 400 miles (650 km) from the Ukrainian border. The Soviet-era bomber, used to carry long-range missiles, has been used throughout the war to flatten Ukrainian cities.

While this lone attack is unlikely to alter Russia’s air capabilities, it is a boon for Kyiv for a few reasons.

First, it reinforces Ukraine's ability to strike the Kremlin’s military targets well inside Russian territory. Importantly, it comes amid reports that US officials are increasingly pessimistic about the state of Ukraine’s counteroffensive – and occurs just weeks before President Joe Biden will need Congress to renew a funding package for Ukraine. Kyiv, for its part, needs to continue to prove that the vast investment is worth it.

What’s more, images of Russia being hit at home give more ammunition to the hardline military bloggers who continue to criticize the Russian military leadership for incompetence and for not hitting Ukraine hard enough. Undercutting Russian morale to destabilize Russia’s armed forces and political echelon has proven to be a key tactic for Ukraine in recent months. Still, Kyiv will need to sow deeper divisions and chaos to wreak havoc within Russian military units in a way that will truly impact the battlefield.


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