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What We're Watching: A new British-French sea battle

French President Emmanuel Macron (L) and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among others, visit Rome's Trevi Fountain on the sidelines of the G20 World Leaders Summit.

EU calls for fresh migrant pact with UK. Just days after 27 migrants died trying to cross the English Channel from France to the UK, officials from four EU states met Sunday to call for a fresh migration policy agreement with the UK. That came after days of overt acrimony between London and Paris: PM Boris Johnson published a letter — on Twitter, no less — that called for joint patrols and faulted the French for the tragedy. Unsurprisingly, France objected to that, and promptly disinvited the British from the Sunday meeting on migration. The EU pledged to step up aerial patrols of the Channel but said that a boarder framework with the UK is urgently needed. With this much post-Brexit bad blood flowing across the Channel, is that even possible?


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