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What's behind the rise of Spain's Vox Party?

What's behind the rise of Spain's Vox Party?

What were the reasons behind the rise of the Vox Party in the Spanish general election?

I think it was basically the question of Catalonia, the unity of the Spanish nations. And VOX played very hard on that particular issue and it was eating into the support of the other center-right forces there. So, it has now established itself fairly firmly on the Spanish political scene with the consequences that that will have.

Second question: What really did President Macron of France mean when he said NATO is experiencing "brain death?"

Well, your guess is as good as mine. He wasn't very clear on that. But I think essentially, he means that the leadership of NATO by the United States is a somewhat elusive concept at the moment. You don't really know what the president of United States is up to in different strategic situations. And that, of course, creates a certain amount of uncertainty and an element of annoyance, particularly as we've seen on the part of Élysée Palace in Paris.


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