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Crypto fans ignore its ups and downs

Crypto fans ignore its ups and downs
Much Ado About Crypto | GZERO World

In the past few weeks, the value of cryptocurrencies has been slashed by half over fear, uncertainty, and doubt (aka FUD) of US interest rate hikes and new regulation.

That means NYC Mayor Eric Adams, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and basketball star Klay Thompson all face pay cuts because they get their salaries in crypto.

Yet, the crypto bros out there have not lost faith.

El Salvador’s crypto-loving President Nayib Bukele is still going strong, ignoring calls by the IMF to stop using bitcoin as legal tender.

What's the big deal about bitcoin anyway?

Critics say it's a Ponzi scheme for criminals. The online black market does take bitcoin, which is also the go-to payment scheme in rug-pull scams.

But crypto fans insist that the tech is anonymous, secure, and unhackable. Not to mention cutting out the middleman: untrustworthy banks.

In fact, crypto has already gone so mainstream that Goldman Sachs predicts it'll compete with gold, and JP says that blockchain will be the backbone of Web 3.0 — a new, more decentralized internet.

The flip side: it could also go to zero.

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