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Russia has no endgame — but it's not out of the game (yet)

Russia has no endgame — but it's not out of the game (yet)
Russia Has No Endgame — But It’s Not Out of the Game (Yet) | GZERO World

Russia's war in Ukraine upended geopolitics in 2022. And its fallout will extend into 2023.

The one thing that keeps international relations expert Tom Nichols up at night is that there's no endgame for Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council turned nuclear-armed rogue state.

On GZERO World with Ian Bremmer, former US State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter pushes back, arguing that while Russia may have gone rogue for the West, much of the rest of the world is still happy to deal with Moscow.

Still, Nichols says Vladimir Putin is a terrible strategist because he was already getting what he wanted before invading Ukraine: global institutions were weakening. If they hold now, he adds, it'll be thanks to Putin.

What's more, for Slaughter the Russian military has performed so poorly in Ukraine that they've made the Ukrainians "look pretty good by comparison."

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