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The urgent global water crisis

The urgent global water crisis
The urgent global water crisis | GZERO World

Water is something none of us can live without, but billions of people take for granted. On GZERO World, UN-Water Chair Gilbert Houngbo and Ian Bremmer discuss the global water crisis, the impact of climate change, and solutions for providing future genereations with better access to clean, drinkable water.

Four billion people around the world experience at least a month of water scarcity each year, which is a problem Houngbo attributes to lack of resources, a rapidly changing climate, and bad government policy. To ensure that those most vulnerable to water stress don't get left behind, Houngbo emphasizes the need for investment in water-related infrastructure and technology, particularly in agriculture, which uses up to 75% of the world's fresh water supply.

"We as a global society have taken water for granted," Houngbo says, and water management must become "everyone's business." Houngbo also highlights the need to develop reliable metrics to measure progress in addressing water scarcity, especially in rural areas, which have some of the biggest problems.

Despite the severity of the problem, Houngbo remains optimistic that society can meet the global water challenge with policies that ensure access to basic water services, encourage water reuse, and minimize pollution risks.

Note: This interview appeared in a GZERO World episode, "The uncomfortable truth about water scarcity," on March 27, 2023.


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