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Podcast: Why Scott Galloway is “cautiously optimistic” about AI - but not TikTok or Meta

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Listen: AI is both exciting and scary these days. It could solve big challenges but also lead to political chaos and authoritarian surveillance. On the GZERO World podcast, tech expert and NYU Professor Scott Galloway warns that AI-powered social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok can be used for espionage and propaganda, potentially manipulating younger generations without them even realizing it. However, generative AI's potential to organize vast stores of data could revolutionize traditional search engines and provide huge value in unstructured data sets, particularly in healthcare and defense scenario planning.

Galloway, well-known as the co-host of the Pivot podcast with Kara Swisher and host of The Prof G Pod, also expresses concern about the extreme political polarization in the US exacerbated by social media and suggests solutions like mandatory national service, more places for young people to gather, and greater accountability for social media companies. Additionally, Galloway warns about the negative economic consequences of population decline and calls for a more open immigration policy.

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