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Ben Smith: Social Media & Responsible Coronavirus Coverage

NY Times Media Columnist and former head of Buzzfeed News, Ben Smith, speaks with Ian Bremmer over Zoom, and rates the job social media companies are doing in the battle against coronavirus-related disinformation.

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Coronavirus is "the Super Bowl of disinformation"

GZERO's Alex Kliment interviews Danny Rogers, Co-Founder of The Global Disinformation Index and assistant professor at New York University. His organization seeks sources and distributors of misinformation online, from scammers and con artists looking to profit off the pandemic to state actors spreading myths for geopolitical gain. He describes the COVID-19 pandemic as "the Super Bowl" for the spread of misinformation.

Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media: Tech in 60 Seconds

Should Sri Lanka have blocked social media following the terror attacks?

That's a hard one. Misinformation spreads on social media and there's an instinct to say, "Wait, stop it!" But a lot of useful information also spreads and people get in touch with each other. So I would say no they should not have blocked it.

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