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Young Thais take on the generals... and the King

Thousands of young people have taken to Thailand's streets in recent weeks to raise their voices against an increasingly unpopular government. Angry protests are a dime a dozen in the Land of Smiles, so why is this movement different?

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“I am a cautionary tale for journalists": Maria Ressa on her legal battle

As Filipina journalist Maria Ressa, CEO of the online news agency Rappler, faces charges that could potentially lead to 100 years in prison, she talks with Ian Bremmer about the case that has made her a global advocate for press freedom. President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines targeted her and Rappler as he manages the nation under "the 3C's: corrupt, coerce, co-opt," she says.

Journalism on Trial in the Philippines: Interview with Maria Ressa

On the latest episode of GZERO World, Ian Bremmer talks to embattled Filipina journalist Maria Ressa, CEO of the online news agency Rappler. Ressa and her team have been involved in a years-long legal battle that challenges press freedoms and free speech in the Philippines, as President Rodrigo Duterte continues to assert authoritarian control in his nation. In the conversation Ressa details the ongoing court battles that have her facing up to 100 years in prison if convicted. She also discusses Duterte's militaristic approach to COVID-19 response, and then issues strong warnings about social media's role in promulgating hate speech globally.

Dennis Kwok speaks out on Hong Kong’s “National Anthem” law

Dennis Kwok, an outspoken pro-democracy lawmaker in Hong Kong, explains the controversial new law in his city which makes disrespecting the Chinese national anthem a crime, and what it means for the future of freedom and the "one country, two systems" existence of Hong Kong. The exchange is part of an in-depth interview with Ian Bremmer for GZERO World about rapidly eroding freedom and escalating protests in Hong Kong as mainland China's leadership tightens its grip on the city.

The complete discussion is part of the latest episode of GZERO World which begins airing Friday, June 5, on national public television. Check local listings.

Protests Follow a Pandemic: Life Today in Hong Kong

As the political situation in Hong Kong unravels, in other ways life is getting back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic—but there's plenty of uncertainty about what that will mean. Two residents, Vivian Wang, a New York Times correspondent, and Doris Fu, a lifelong Hongkonger, share their first-person accounts with GZERO World, explaining why overcoming the pandemic is the easy part. Fighting for democracy is another matter.