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Tony Blair: Back To The Center | GZERO World

Populism vs. moderate politics

For Tony Blair three challenges will define geopolitics in the near future: the Western relationship with China, making democracy more effective, and harnessing the tech revolution.

How can we address them? The former British PM — who along with then-US President Bill Clinton led the centrist "Third Way" of politics in the 1990s — says that we need to return to the center to match challenges that'll be more practical than ideological.

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Authoritarian Alliances & the Future of the Free World | GZERO World

Authoritarian alliances & the future of the free world

Elliot Ackerman's new book about the US exit from Afghanistan is called The Fifth Act.

But what comes next for America in the region?

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U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on what he calls the "continued battle for the Soul of the Nation" in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, U.S.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Biden’s primetime warning kicks off the midterms

President Joe Biden delivered Thursday night a primetime address in Philadelphia — the birthplace of the US republic — with a clear message to the American people: Democracy is under threat.

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Big Democracies That Depend On Russia | GZERO World

Big democracies that depend on Russia

Western leaders love to say that Russia's war in Ukraine is a fight for democracy itself.

But not all of the world's democracies agree.

India, the world's largest democracy, remains neutral and keeps buying Russian arms and oil.

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We’re in a New Era of Naked Power Politics, Says Author Yascha Mounk | GZERO World

We're in a new era of naked power politics, says Yascha Mounk, author of The Great Experiment

Confidence in democracy is declining in the West at the same time authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have become more transparent about their demands and lack of respect for democracy, Johns Hopkins University professor Yascha Mounk tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World.

Mounk, author of a new book, "The Great Experiment: Why Diverse Democracies Fall Apart and How They Can Endure," explains why authoritarians are on the rise. The new era of naked power politics is illustrated by the way Putin is transforming Russia into a repressive regime, no longer caring what people think about his ambitions. Putin believes the West is decadent while he views himself as a strong leader with traditional values.

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Ian Explains: Authoritarians Having A Moment | GZERO World

Authoritarians having a moment

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, much of the world may be running away from Vladimir Putin right now — but they’re not running toward the US, Ian Bremmer explains on GZERO World.

In fact, the greatest export from Russia and China is something that can’t be stopped by sanctions: authoritarianism and disillusionment with Western political systems.

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No Second-Class Citizens: The Challenge of Diversity in Democracy | GZERO World

No second-class citizens: the challenge of diversity in democracy

In his new book The Great Experiment, political scientist Yascha Mounk digs into how tough it is for very diverse democracies to treat all their citizens equally. The price to pay if it goes wrong is high: society falls apart.

The US faces many ongoing challenges, especially on race relations, but has done much better in some areas than was predicted decades ago – for example, the increasing frequency of interracial marriages, Mounk tells Ian Bremmer.

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A woman holds a sign at a rally supporting Ukraine on Sudbury Common in the US state of Massachusetts.

USA TODAY NETWORK via Reuters Connect

Is the war in Ukraine a fight for democracy itself?

Just three days after Russian rockets began raining down on his country, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned the world that Vladimir Putin’s invasion was the “beginning of a war … against democracy.”

The message quickly caught on.

French President Emmanuel Macron says the war has called democracy into question “before our very eyes.” US President Joe Biden has since called it a “new battle for freedom.” US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has even said that Ukrainians are fighting not only for their own democracy but for America’s as well.

Well, are they right? Is Ukraine on the frontlines of a global battle to preserve self-rule, human rights, and respect for the rule of law both at home and abroad?

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