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The two biggest threats for democracy in the 21st century
The Two Biggest Threats for Democracy in the 21st Century | GZERO World

The two biggest threats for democracy in the 21st century

For political scientist Yascha Mounk, the pandemic unleashed an ideological competition between democracies and autocracies, giving people some options.

But for democracy to remain strong in the 21st century, Mounk tells Ian Bremmer that "it's not enough to wax poetic about our beautiful values or to rely on the idea that somehow, our system has always proven strong in the past, so it's going to do so again." We need to double down on ensuring that the system delivers so citizens can keep saying that they'd rather be like the US or Germany than like Russia or China.

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Jonah Goldberg Goes Tribal
GZERO World S1E29: Jonah Goldberg Goes Tribal

Jonah Goldberg Goes Tribal

Trump scraps the Iran deal, China gets cagey with Taiwan, and National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg admits that he is not pure.

A pure conservative, that is.

+OFFICE HOURS (Iran Edition) +PUPPET REGIME ZUCKThe United States will no longer play global policeman, and no one else wants the job. This is not a G-7 or a G-20 world. Welcome to the GZERO. Every week Ian Bremmer will interview the world leaders and the thought leaders shaping our GZERO World.

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