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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold talks in Beijing, China.

EYEPRESS via Reuters

What China and Russia share

Russian and Chinese leaders got together this week in Beijing at a time when Russian troops were threatening Ukraine, renewing speculation about the risks the two powers pose for the “liberal world order.” In US media, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are often treated as twin Bond villains ready to give 007 a super-sized headache, but looked at from their point of view, their partnership makes a lot of sense.

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The Graphic Truth: China-Russia trade ties

Relations between Russia and China are complicated. While Beijing and Moscow have become chummy in recent decades, the relationship reached a low point during the Cold War after Mao Zedong severed ties with the Soviet Union. The intervening years have seen increased interaction between the two economies. Trade turnover reached a record $147 billion in 2021. Still, Russia is far more reliant on revenue from exports to China, the world’s second-largest economy, than Beijing is on Moscow. We look at China-Russia trade relations since 2000.

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