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The Graphic Truth: Russian views on China vs US

As both China and Russia have had increasingly adversarial relations with the US in recent years, Beijing and Moscow have found common ground on a wide range of economic and geopolitical issues. Interestingly, Russians' views of China and the US tend to move in opposite directions: during periods where the US is seen in a worse light, opinions of China tend to improve. That was notably the case in 2014, when Washington slapped sanctions on Russia over the Kremlin's annexation of Crimea. We take a look at how Russians' opinions on China as a friend versus the US as an enemy have evolved over the last decade.

The limits of a China-Russia partnership

Whenever China and Russia shake hands, alarm bells ring in Washington. It's an old story given new life by increasingly contentious US relations with both countries and a new round of glad-handing by senior Chinese and Russian officials. What if China and Russia were to form some kind of axis of revisionist powers, Americans (and others) wonder? How dangerous might that be for US interests and for global democracy?

China and Russia have obvious overlapping interests. Start with trade. China is the world's largest importer of oil and natural gas. Russia is the number two exporter of oil and the top for natural gas. It's a natural partnership.

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