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Captain Christine Sinclair plays her final international game as she retires from Canada's national women's soccer team after a friendly match against Australia in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Dec. 5, 2023.

REUTERS/Jennifer Gauthier

Hard Numbers: Soccer legend retires, First Nations vote, Trains chug toward zero, Brazil beckons

48,112: Canadian women’s soccer legend Christine Sinclair closed out her career in style this week, leading the national team to victory over Australia before 48,112 adoring fans in Vancouver. Sinclair’s 190 goals scored in international matches are the highest total notched by any woman or man who has ever played the game.

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A Philippine flag flutters from a Philippine Navy ship


Hard Numbers: Canada “shows force” in South China Sea, First Nations first in Manitoba, Chinese companies indicted for fentanyl trade, Ottawa pours out gravy for milk farmers, Canada/US factory woes

1,800: More than 1,800 participants from Canada, the Philippines, the UK, Japan, and the US are currently conducting joint naval exercises in the South China Sea. The maneuvers are seen as a “show of force” at a time when China has become increasingly bold about advancing its unrecognized territorial claims in the region.

1: For the first time in history, a member of the First Nations has been elected premier of a Canadian province. A former journalist and rapper, Wab Kinew, originally from the Onigaming First Nation in Ontario, won Manitoba’s election on Tuesday. Kinew’s left-wing New Democratic Party ran on a platform that focused on improving the province’s health care.

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