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Puppet Regime Baseball

The Natural: Trump Takes the Field

President Trump renames the World Series to reflect a more #MAGA perspective, and then takes the field to face off against his own worst enemy. #mlb #Baseball #worldseries #immigration #kaepernick #trump

GZERO World S2E13 Margrethe Vestager

Europe's Tech Battle

The divide between the US and Europe is growing. This week, Ian Bremmer goes deep on the crumbling transatlantic alliance before sitting down with EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager – a woman who strikes fear into the heart of Silicon Valley - to talk technology. Then on Puppet Regime, it's time to play ball!



Everyone is gearing up for the midterm elections, including our friend Vladimir Putin. But what were the Russians really after in the 2016 presidential election — and did they get it?



Geopolitics really is just a bunch of four-letter words these days, isn't it?

Just ask Angela Merkel, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Puppet Regime: Who The Hell Is That World Leader?

Who The Hell is That World Leader?

Who The Hell is That World Leader? It’s the new Puppet Regime game show! Ready to play along? Test your knowledge and see if you can do any better than President Trump and our other high-flying contestants.

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