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Alamy via Reuters

Get AI out of my robocalls

Ahead of the New Hampshire presidential primary, many voters got a suspicious robocall from Joe Biden urging them not to vote. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was an AI-generated version of his voice custom made to confuse voters.

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A potential voter takes home a sign after attending a house party supporting the write-in campaign to put US President Joe Biden's name on the New Hampshire Democratic primary ballot.

REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz

Deepfakes on are on the campaign trail too

The Dean Phillips chatbot isn’t the only artificial intelligence in the race.

Ahead of presidential primaries Tuesday night in the Granite State, the New Hampshire Justice Department said it is investigating reports of robocalls impersonating President Joe Biden. The calls, allegedly featuring an AI version of Biden’s voice, encourage voters to stay home on Tuesday and instead save their vote for November.

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