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Welcome to your AI video fever dream

Generative AI lets people craft sprawling essays, create detailed images, and even clone their own voice with remarkable precision. But taking an AI-generated video service for a spin made me realize that the technology is still far from creating convincing or cinematic video. In fact, the entire experience was surreal.

Luma AI’s Dream Machine, a free text-to-video service, warns users that they’re limited to 10 videos per day, and 30 videos per month, due to high demand — unless they pay at least $29.99 a month for the starting subscription tier. But I only needed to wait a couple of minutes to get my first prompts turned into … very, very strange videos.

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February 17, 2024: OpenAI Sora logo on a smartphone display

IMAGO/Bihlmayerfotografie via Reuters Connect

We’re Sora-ing, flying

OpenAI, the buzzy startup behind the ChatGPT chatbot, has begun previewing its next tool: Sora. Just like OpenAI’s DALL-E allows users to type out a text prompt and generate an image, Sora will give customers the same ability with video.

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