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The politics of US crime: Perception vs reality

A recent spate of violent crimes in New York City has made national headlines. Since Eric Adams was sworn in four weeks ago as mayor of America’s most populous city, violence on the streets — and the subways — has again become a major political focus. Things got even more heated this week, when two young cops were killed while responding to a domestic dispute in Harlem.

Crime is not only a dominant political issue in New York. It also resonates more broadly with American voters worried over increased lawlessness and unrest. Indeed, crime is already shaping up to be a wedge issue as Republicans vie to win control of the US Congress this November.

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Ex-Goldman banker says he warned bosses about Jho Low, 1MDB

November 25, 2020 5:00 AM

NEW YORK • Former Goldman Sachs Group banker Roger Ng has asked for the foreign bribery case against him to be dismissed, saying he "warned" the bank not to do business with Malaysian financier Jho Low.

Malaysia hands over ex-Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng to the US

May 06, 2019 1:18 PM

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia has quietly handed over former Goldman Sachs investment banker Roger Ng to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) following secret negotiations that began early this year.

Jho Low agrees to sell $53m Los Angeles mansion

May 05, 2019 5:00 AM

KUALA LUMPUR • US prosecutors and representatives of fugitive Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho want to sell a US$39 million (S$53 million) mansion in Los Angeles that he bought in 2012 with money allegedly stolen from the state-owned 1MDB investment fund.

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