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Weird stuff the US buys from Russia

Weird stuff the US buys from Russia

Bad news for anyone in America smoking a pipe on a recreational boat while playing a percussion instrument in a wig: the war in Ukraine could make your life a lot less colorful if Washington decides to sanction more US imports from Russia. All of those items are among the things the US buys from Russia, with love, every year.

So in the meantime, take a picture of them and print it on photo paper, then scrub your hands in a plastic washbasin, get a snack from the nearest vending machine, and settle in with a good children's picture book to read. When you are finished, take a moment to reflect on why, with Russia's help, you are such an unbelievably weird person.

Check out some of the weird and wild products America imports from Russia each year below.

$593,361 Recreational Boats

We're not oligarchs, and these aren't yachts. But Americans still enjoy important recreational boats from Russia.

Value of US imports in 2020. Source: Observatory of Economic Complexity


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