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Graphic Truth: 2024 Euro Cup of Approval

Graphic Truth: 2024 Euro Cup of Approval
Paige Fusco

The Euro Cup kicked off on June 14 and is now down to the final eight, with the beautiful game having seen its fair share of victories and upsets in recent weeks. At the same time, battles have been waged on the political stage, with the far right surging first in European Parliament elections and then in the first round in France this past weekend.

All this talk of soccer and politics made us wonder … how well would these countries compete if the matches were decided based on national leader approval ratings?

Soccer powerhouses England and France are favored to dominate the Euros. But their leaders, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and President Emmanuel Macron, both of whom suffer from low approval ratings (and are watching their electorates head to the polls this weekend), wouldn’t generate the same optimism on the pitch.

What happens when we swap national sides for leaders – is your favorite team still in with a chance?


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