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Calling all haters – voters dislike all of the above

Calling all haters – voters dislike all of the above

A new poll by Abacus Data shows that a majority of Canadians want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step down before the next election. The poll, released last week, shows only 27% want Trudeau to run again. He’s due to face voters by the fall of 2025.

In late July, Abacus found that Trudeau’s popularity rating (positive impression) had dropped to 29% while 51% had a negative impression of him. But voters aren’t inclined to like his potential replacement – Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre – much better. Only 31% of voters had a favorable impression of Poilievre, while 37% had a negative one. The Conservatives lead the Liberals in most polls – in some cases by as many as 12 points.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating echoes Trudeau’s favorability rating. According to FiveThirtyEight, 53% of Americans disapproved of the president’s performance as of Aug. 29, while 41% approved. But Biden still has a slight edge on his potential election re-match rival Donald Trump, who is currently facing 91 charges in four criminal cases. As of Aug. 28, FiveThirtyEight has Trump’s unfavorables at 56.2%, compared to 39.9% favorable.

Polls pitting Biden against Trump in a 2024 rematch in the last two weeks show a potentially close race, but supporters on both sides are less than enthusiastic about a repeat of the 2020 showdown. A new AP-NORC poll finds that voters feel Biden is too old and Trump too corrupt. And while a majority of Democrats approve of Biden as their nominee, just 24% of Americans overall support him running again compared to 30% who support a Trump do-over.


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