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Ian Bremmer’s 2024 elections halftime report

Ian Bremmer’s 2024 elections halftime report
Ian Bremmer’s halftime report on key 2024 elections | GZERO World

2024 is fast becoming the most intense year of democracy the world has ever seen. Some 4 billion people, nearly half the global population, are casting ballots in at least 70 countries. With so many people voting around the world, 2024 has been dubbed “The Year of Elections.” And we’re now about halfway through, so how are things going?

Ian Bremmer is here to unpack the wins, losses, and big surprises in elections in Mexico, India, South Africa, and Taiwan. Do large mandates from voters mean big political changes on the horizon? Can shaky coalitions work together without crumbling into chaos? And, of course, the final showdown of 2024 will take place in the United States this November, an election that will have far-reaching consequences not only for the United States … but for democracy itself.

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