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The remembrance, heartbreak & protest of the AIDS quilt

The remembrance, heartbreak & protest of the AIDS quilt
The Remembrance, Heartbreak & Protest of the AIDS Quilt | GZERO World

This Pride Month, we remember how just 35 years ago, America was in the middle of another public health crisis — one that disproportionately affected gay men, as well as communities of color.

But the tragedy of the HIV/AIDS epidemic also produced one remarkable piece of art that first captured the world’s attention in 1987.

We're talking about a quilt made of pieces sent by people across the United States, each naming a victim of the deadly disease. It originally spanned a football field, but now covers 1.3 million square feet.

For many, the AIDS Memorial Quilt has served as the memorial service they never had. Earlier in June, a big chunk was unveiled to mark the anniversary in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

This video is part of an upcoming episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer.


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