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Should Americans Prepare for Meat Shortages?

Former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack joins GZERO World to discuss the food supply chain crisis and why it's so hard to get meat processing up and running at full capacity right now. But he assures us that there won't likely be a noticeable shortage for consumers. A bigger concern, he says, is addressing growing food insecurity among the unemployed and poor families badly impacted by the pandemic. He recommends expanding access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for more Americans to offset the crisis, and so more unemployed workers will be able to buy food.

Hog Farming for Smithfield Foods During COVID-19

Shockwaves rippling through the global food supply chain are having real world effects — and not just at your neighborhood Wendy's. GZERO World with Ian Bremmer introduces you to Mike Patterson, one Minnesota hog farmer in the crosshairs of a nationwide crisis. He told us the current problem "shows the fragility of the system. That one piece goes down in that processing chain and we're not able to get meat to consumers."

Will immunity lead to greater inequality?

As discussions turn to "immunity passports" and antibody testing in the COVID-19 pandemic, could an "immunoprivileged" class emerge? Will people who are not immune face greater barriers in the workforce and elsewhere?

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