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UK's Liz Truss & Charles III face tough challenges ahead

UK's Liz Truss & Charles III face tough challenges ahead
The UK's Two New Leaders Face Tough Challenges Ahead | GZERO World

In early September, in just 48 hours the UK got a new prime minister (Liz Truss) and a new king (Charles III, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II).

Both take over at a turbulent time in British politics, but Truss in particular faces a list of domestic obstacles with no easy fix. Her top priorities are the economy and the energy crisis aggravated by Russia's war in Ukraine, Ian Bremmer explains on GZERO World.

And then, of course, there's Brexit, which never seems to go away. Truss is bracing for a fight with Brussels over the Northern Ireland protocol.

Meanwhile, Charles III will also have to grapple with the future of the Commonwealth and the looming threat of another Scottish independence vote.

This clip is part of the GZERO World episode on upheaval in the UK. Watch here.


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