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Russia’s cyber attack: an act of espionage or war?

Russia’s cyber attack: an act of espionage or war?
Cyber Attack: An Act of Espionage or War? | Jeh Johnson, former Secy Homeland Security | GZERO World

This week's pro-Trump rampage on the Capitol was an attack on the citadel of American democracy. But the United States was already reeling from another kind of assault, an unprecedented cyber attack on US government agencies and major American companies, very likely perpetrated by Russia. Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spent years trying to protect the United States against such an attack and he joins GZERO World to take stock of what we know—and what we don't—at this point. He also raises a fundamental question: At what point should we view such a breach as more than just high-tech espionage? When does it constitute an act of war?


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