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Biggest cybersecurity threat to watch in 2022

Biggest cybersecurity threat to watch in 2022
What Will Be the Biggest Cyber Threats in 2022? | Cyber In :60 | GZERO Media

Marietje Schaake, International Policy Director at Stanford's Cyber Policy Center, Eurasia Group senior advisor and former MEP, discusses trends in big tech, privacy protection and cyberspace:

What do you foresee to be the biggest cyber threat and crisis for the year 2022?

Well, to me, the blind trust in commercially made software and technologies, remains an enormous systems risk, because over and over again, we hear of vulnerabilities in thus far, unknown small elements of widely used software that is weaponized.

From Citrix to SolarWinds or Log4j. Now schools, critical infrastructure, hospitals, and governments, the smarter they became with the integration of more and more software, the more vulnerable to attacks they turn out to be, and to overcome the conflicting incentives between companies that may not be too eager to report incidents or share information, versus the need to strengthen protection, security, and resilience in the public interest. Laws, information sharing standards, and corporate liability regimes will have to be adjusted, updated and adopted.


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