Season 4

Episode 7: How AI is changing our economy

Collage of abstract images representing uses of artificial intelligence


Listen: "We're entering into another leg of a continued industrial revolution which is going to be marked by collaboration between humans and machines," says Archie Foster, Managing Director and Head of Thematic Equities at Citi Investment Management. "This will include industrial automation, robotics, and AI," he adds.

In the latest episode of Living Beyond Borders, a podcast produced in partnership between GZERO and Citi Global Wealth Investments, Foster is joined by Dev Saxena, Director of Eurasia Group's Geo-technology Practice, to go beyond the hype surrounding generative AI and ChatGPT to understand how it can truly affect the economy and our political systems in the coming months.

While the fears about job losses may be overblown or premature, there is no question that the use of this technology is changing jobs and industries. As tech giants increasingly adopt AI to improve productivity, we'll look at the main challenges they face, as well as what regulators need to keep in mind as elections around the world continue to be susceptible to misinformation.

This episode is moderated by Shari Friedman, Eurasia Group’s Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability.

Shari Friedman, Eurasia Group\u2019s Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability

Shari Friedman

Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability, Eurasia Group

Archie Foster Managing Director and Head of Thematic Equities, Citi Investment Management

Archie Foster

Managing Director and Head of Thematic Equities, Citi Investment Management

Dev Saxena, Director of Geo-technology at Eurasia Group

Dev Saxena

Director of Geo-technology , Eurasia Group

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