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Hard Numbers: Charles III visits Kenya, deadly sectarian violence in India, US murders plunge, antisemitic mob arrests in Russia

Britain's King Charles and the President of Kenya, Dr William Ruto

Britain's King Charles and the President of Kenya, Dr William Ruto

Victoria Jones/Pool via REUTERS

1: King Charles III is set to launch his first state visit to an African country — and his very first to a Commonwealth nation — since becoming Britain’s monarch in May. On Tuesday, he and Camilla will touch down in Nairobi, Kenya, where he is expected to face pressure to address the historic brutality of British colonial rule.

3: Explosions at an event on Sunday held by Jehovah’s Witnesses in Kerala, India, killed three and injured scores. Authorities are investigating and say a man has been arrested after posting a video in which he claimed responsibility. India has seen an uptick in Hindu vs. Muslim clashes in recent years, and this incident comes on the heels of an attack on a Protestant church in New Delhi in August.

6: How’s this for a Halloween treat? Last year’s murder rate in the United States, according to the FBI’s annual national crime report, fell 6%, and one analyst says the national homicide rate has plummeted up to 12% so far this year.

60: After an antisemitic mob stormed an airport in Dagestan, Russia, on Sunday — the Kremlin blamed Ukraine and the West for prompting the violence with “outside interference” — police say they have arrested 60 people. Rioters searched the airport for passengers from a flight that arrived that day from Tel Aviv, forcing many to hide before being evacuated by helicopter.


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