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Cyberattacks in Ukraine

Jakub Porzycki via Reuters

What We're Watching: Cyberwarfare in Ukraine, Imran Khan in Moscow, National Guard in DC, breaking Europe's energy habit

Cyberwarfare heats up in Ukraine. Even before Putin launched a large-scale conventional assault on Ukraine, cyberweapons were already flying fast and furious. Ukraine’s top IT official said Wednesday that websites for the government, foreign ministry, security services, and several unnamed banks were down after being hit with denial-of-service attacks. (Jargon interlude: a DDoS is where hackers flood a website with so much traffic that no one else can access it.) The latest cyber salvo comes just days after a similar attack on Ukraine's defense ministry and two banks, which the US blamed on Russia. The Kremlin, naturally, denies having anything to do with the attacks. As the Ukraine-Russia crisis continues, expect cyberwarfare to be a major component. NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană told GZERO at the Munich Security Conference that the alliance expects cyberwarfare to feature heavily in the conflict. This could pose a big risk beyond the two countries involved.

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