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Pakistan's pivot towards Russia

Pakistan's pivot towards Russia
Ian Explains: Pakistan's Pivot Towards Russia | GZERO World

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has left Moscow isolated through US-led sanctions and economic boycotts. Still, the Kremlin does have friends.

One of them is China. Another is Belarus. And now Vladimir Putin has a new country in his camp: Pakistan.

As Russian forces pummeled Ukraine, Pakistan's PM Imran Khan visited Moscow to discuss a new gas pipeline. Khan says he wants peace, but his trip did not go down well in Washington, Ian Bremmer explains on GZERO World.

Pakistan and the US have been allies for many years, with Islamabad playing a crucial war in both the Global War on Terror and the war in Afghanistan. But bilateral ties have soured lately.

Joe Biden has yet to call Khan since assuming the US presidency, while the Americans resent Khan for praising the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

With the US ready to downgrade its relationship with Islamabad, Khan is looking to form new friendships to protect Pakistan's strategic interests.

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