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FILE PHOTO: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes a housing announcement in Ajax, Ontario Canada November 30, 2023.

REUTERS/Carlos Osorio/File Photo

Judge delivers blow to Trudeau

Did Tucker Carlson and other conservative American critics of Justin Trudeau have a point? Canada’s Federal Court ruled Tuesday that the prime minister’s government violated the constitutional rights of anti-mandate protesters by cracking down on the convoy protests that paralyzed Ottawa in 2022.

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A supporter during the 4th Day of Trucker's protest in 2022 against the mandatory vaccine policy imposed on the Canadian truckers returning from USA

Mischief managed, eh? Canada’s trucker convoy leaders stand trial

Remember when 500 truck drivers upended Canada’s reputation of unwavering politeness to protest COVID policies back in Feb. 2022? Ottawa sure does, and it has put the leaders of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” – which gridlocked the capital for weeks over quarantine mandates for unvaccinated truckers – on trial for alleged charges of mischief and counseling others to commit mischief.
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Paige Fusco

The Graphic Truth: Land borders crucial to trade

Hundreds of Canadian truckers angry about vaccine mandates have paralyzed Ottawa, the capital, for more than a week. They’ve blocked roads, honked their horns, and called for Trudeau’s resignation. Now, they have obstructed access to the Ambassador Bridge — a crucial artery connecting Detroit, Michigan, to Windsor, Ontario, that accommodates the transfer of more than a quarter of US-Canada annual trade worth a whopping $137 billion. Here’s a look of how this route compares with a few other major land trade routes.

A truck sits near Parliament Hill as truckers protest COVID vaccine mandates in Ottawa.

REUTERS/Patrick Doyle

Freedom Convoy or disorder fleet?

Canada’s picturesque capital isn’t known for high-stakes political protests and standoffs with police. But for many days, Ottawa has been paralyzed by the Freedom Convoy, a fleet of some 500 trucks whose drivers crossed the country to protest a new federal law requiring all unvaccinated truckers to quarantine when returning from the US.

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