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What We're Watching: Khan loses court battle, Khashoggi trial moved to Saudi, Ukrainian war crimes, AMLO recalls himself

Khan loses court battle

Not so fast. That was the message Pakistan’s top court sent Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday following his move to dissolve the parliament and call for a new election last weekend. The extraordinary maneuver helped Khan dodge a no-confidence vote that was expected to remove him from power. Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ordered that the legislative body be restored, and the no-confidence vote is now expected to be held on Saturday. Khan’s move, which he and his supporters claimed was necessary to halt a so-called US conspiracy to oust him, also highlighted the former cricketer’s efforts to align his country more closely with Moscow and Beijing. But the resulting constitutional crisis raised concerns about the prospect of greater instability in the nuclear-armed nation, which is already struggling with dwindling foreign exchange reserves and soaring prices. Khan vows to continue fighting, starting with a national address on Friday.

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