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Sen. Marco Rubio

Mariana Robertson via Reuters

Veepstakes: Could Marco Rubio become the first Latino VP?

Florida’s senior senator earned the nickname “Lil’ Marco” for challenging Donald Trump during the 2016 primaries, but he has since forged a close alliance with the former president – so much so that some believe he could be tapped for No. 2.

Rubio was born in Miami to Cuban immigrants who arrived before the 1959 communist revolution — contrary to claims he had long made of them fleeing from Fidel Castro. He speaks fluent Spanish and got his start in politics in 1998 as a city commissioner in West Miami, where the 2000 census showed 87% of residents spoke Spanish as a first language.

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An "Aqui Vote Here" sign at the Guerra branch library in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Carlos Kosienski/Sipa USA via Reuters

Biden and Trump fight over a changing “Latino Vote”

Just days ago, President Joe Biden announced a sweeping executive measure that would legalize the status of undocumented immigrants who are married to American citizens. The move, which primarily benefits hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Latin America, was the latest salvo in the contest between Biden and Donald Trump to win over Latino voters.

Both sides have been honing their pitches to Latino communities.

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