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Political mini crossword: Women in power

Mexico has just elected its first woman president, Claudia Sheinbaum. In honor of this historic event, this crossword puzzle will test your knowledge of modern female leaders!

Political Mini Crossword: Assassination nation

This has been a crazy week of suspected and attempted assassinations. Play this crossword puzzle to get up to speed.

Political mini crossword: Olympics of organized labor

It's no secret that the upcoming hosts of this summer’s Olympic games have a penchant for strikes. Unravel the clues and uncover the complex interplay between labor movements, fair compensation, and the world's most prestigious athletic competition.

Political mini crossword: Dark side of the moon

Get excited for next week's eclipse with an out-of-this-world crossword puzzle!

March Madness

March is a crazy month. Super Tuesday decides presidential campaigns, it's madness for basketball fans, and allergies are raging. Are you surprised Shakespeare said to beware of it? You’ve survived the Ides of March, but can you survive this crossword puzzle? Let us know how fast you solved it here.

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