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Corporations losing the culture wars — Angela Hofmann

Corporations losing the culture wars — Angela Hofmann
Angela Hofmann: Corporations Losing The Culture Wars | Top Risks 2022 | GZERO Media

For Angela Hofmann, practice head for Industrial & Consumer at Eurasia Group, the world's most visible brands are in for a very rocky year.

Navigating culture wars will be very tricky, as well as fighting with competing demands from consumers, employees, and regulators on issues like China, diversity, and voting rights.

Consumers, empowered by social media, are using their voices and purchasing power to influence non-market issues, with a focus on supply chains.

These consumers are forcing multinationals to have visibility and accountability for all of their levels of production.

Firms face be a double-edged sword: fury from hyper-charged consumers utilizing social media, and pressure from US regulators.

Hofmann says companies must focus on ESG "with a particular focus on that S."

“Reinventing supply chains and investing in compliance issues, but with the expectations from the public and new regulations on the way, there's just simply no going back."

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