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Paige Fusco

Will stagflation make a comeback?

America’s fashionistas are super excited these days about 1990s crop tops, baggy outfits, and tattoo chokers, but economists are freaking out over a specter from a different decade: the ’70s. That’s when the US economy sputtered into what's known as “stagflation.”

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Podcast: Lessons of the SolarWinds attack

Listen: Two years after the discovery of one of the largest cyber attacks in history, we’re looking at the current state of security for both software and hardware supply chains.

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Paige Fusco

The Graphic Truth: Cereal killer — wheat prices amid Ukraine crisis

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine will ripple throughout the global economy in many ways, but one immediate concern is that it could send food prices soaring in some parts of the world. That's because Russia is the world's largest wheat exporter, and the two warring countries together account for more than a quarter of global exports. Here's a look at how wheat prices rose as the crisis escalated, along with a snapshot of the countries most vulnerable to price hikes or supply disruptions.

Angela Hofmann: Corporations Losing The Culture Wars | Top Risks 2022 | GZERO Media

Corporations losing the culture wars — Angela Hofmann

For Angela Hofmann, practice head for Industrial & Consumer at Eurasia Group, the world's most visible brands are in for a very rocky year.

Navigating culture wars will be very tricky, as well as fighting with competing demands from consumers, employees, and regulators on issues like China, diversity, and voting rights.

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