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A commuter Seabus passes idle shipping cranes towering over stacked containers during a strike by dock workers at Canada's busiest port of Vancouver, British Columbia.

REUTERS/Chris Helgren

Canadian dock workers to go back to work, but UPS strike still on

Right on the buzzer Thursday, over 7,000 workers at some of Canada’s busiest ports — including Vancouver and Prince Rupert — accepted a settlement proposed by a federal mediator to end their strike.

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Aerial view of the Port of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

REUTERS/Jason Redmond

Hard numbers: Vancouver port peril, bye-bye biofuels?, US-Mexico corn clash, smuggler feels the cold

99.24: Amid fraught labor contract negotiations at ports up and down the West Coast, an overwhelming 99.24% of ILWU Canada members voted to support a strike that could begin as soon as June 24. If that happens, operations at Vancouver, Canada’s largest port, could grind to a halt, dealing a blow to commerce on both sides of the US-Canada border: Some 15% of Vancouver’s container trade moves to or from the US.

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