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Attempted Coup in Venezuela: World in 60 Seconds

Attempted Coup in Venezuela: World in 60 Seconds
Attempted Coup in Venezuela: World in 60 Seconds

What do Spain's election tell us about populism in Europe?

It says that populism is continuing to grow. The VOX party on the far right for the first time breaks through 10%. They are in Parliament, they've got 24 seats, and like so many other countries across Europe that's something that is continuing to grow. Their popularity is mostly in the south, where all of those North African immigrants are coming in.

Can Guaido really organize the biggest protests ever this week?

Given problems of electricity in Venezuela, all the depredation, how much time is spent in waiting in line. They're getting tired after all these months without any real movement against Maduro. No, in Venezuela I think he's he's enormously courageous. He's continuing to get people out there. But I'd be surprised if the biggest protest ever.

Are the Iranians ready to negotiate with Trump?

I think they are. They're blinking because they recognize their economy is going to hell with the Americans squeezing squeezing squeezing including not offering the waivers for a lot of foreign countries to buy Iranian oil. And they don't want to risk a war with the U.S. or Israel or Saudi Arabia, so as a consequence they're saying we're ready to negotiate. Give Trump a quick win in maybe allowing some American prisoners gone, if they can buy off Trump they're going to show some weakness. But ultimately it's showing that Trump's unilateral policy in Iran is paying some benefit.

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