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A world in need of music therapy: Renée Fleming at Davos

A world in need of music therapy: Renée Fleming at Davos
A World in Need of Music Therapy: Renée Fleming at Davos | GZERO World

You never know who you're going to meet wandering around in Davos, including opera legend Renée Fleming, who was honored this week by the Forum.

The four-time Grammy-winning Soprano, who has performed on six continents, was presented in Davos with the prestigious Crystal Award—not for her singing, but for the voice she's lending to help people understand how music impacts the human brain.

"What I've seen firsthand has really convinced me of the effects of art therapies on disorders relating to aging. So, Alzheimer's and dementia, as well as Parkinson's, other movement disorders, brain trauma, or anyone who's had a horrible accident."

Fleming spoke to GZERO’s Tony Maciulis on the ground at the World Economic Forum about her passion project, Music and the Mind. She also weighed in on a sticky geopolitical issue: Russian artists who have been banned from Western concert halls over their comments (or lack therof) regarding Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

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