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Health data privacy is the next post-Roe fight

Health data privacy is the next post-Roe fight
Health Data Privacy Is the Next Post-Roe Fight | GZERO World

Now that the US Supreme Court has ruled that states can do their own thing on abortion rights, women are worried about who can check their online personal health data.

Apps have been a game-changer for American women tracking their menstrual cycles, ovulation, or pregnancy status. But that information could be used against them where abortion is illegal.

Some companies say they'll do better to protect the data or not sell it to third parties, but many have a track record of doing the opposite. Euki, an app created by two non-profit groups, takes several steps more to help women seeking an abortion in the post-Roe era.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has yet to include health data apps in digital privacy protections, as the legal battle rages. GZERO's Sarah Kneezle explains on GZERO World with Ian Bremmer.


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