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Putin at war with the West

Putin at war with the West
Ian Explains: Putin at War With the West | GZERO World

The West is already at war with Russia.

NATO boots may not be on the ground, but NATO-supplied arms and cash are. Off the battlefield, Western sanctions are hitting the Russian economy hard.

Vladimir Putin definitely sees all this as the West being directly at war with Russia, Ian Bremmer explains.

Still, the Russian leader is fighting a 20th-century war in 2022. And so far, he's losing it.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky is beating Putin in global PR and on social media. What's more, cracks are starting to form even within Russia, where dissent is formally banned.

Looking ahead, the question is how, and when, the war will spread beyond Ukraine's borders. The conflict is already having ripple effects on global supply chains as well as the prices of energy and food.

But the countries watching most closely are those in Eastern Europe, including former neutral actor and now perhaps future NATO member Finland.

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