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US midterms: Biden, Trump, or abortion/guns/race?

US midterms: Biden, Trump, or abortion/guns/race?
Ian Explains: US Midterms: Biden, Trump, or Abortion/Guns/Race? | GZERO World

US midterm elections have traditionally been a referendum on the president, now Joe Biden. That's one option, Ian Bremmer explains in a special episode of GZERO World in front of a live studio audience.

Yet, even Biden wants the vote to be all about his predecessor, Donald Trump, who still dominates the GOP. Option No. 2.
There's a third option: culture wars. Yes, things like abortion rights or CRT.

Whatever the midterms are all about this time around, one thing is clear: the result will have global ripple effects. On US relations with Russia, China, and American democracy itself.

Watch the GZERO World episode: US votes as democracy is under attack


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