Episode 5: Energy transition today

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Listen: "It actually all comes down to one thing and that's money," says Raad Alkadiri, Managing Director of Energy, Climate and Resources at Eurasia Group. "Will there be the money for investment in renewables, in energy efficiency made available? And I'm not just talking about the industrialized world, I'm talking about globally."

In the latest episode of Living Beyond Borders, a podcast produced in partnership between GZERO and Citi Global Wealth Investments, Alkadiri is joined by Malcolm Spittler, Global Investment Strategist and Senior US Economist at Citi Global Wealth Investments, to look at where the energy transition to renewable fuels stands globally, after setbacks from the pandemic and geopolitical instability.

They discuss the increasing need for energy security being a big driver for renewable energy in regions like Europe, how the war in Ukraine is still affecting energy markets, and what kinds of investments need to happen in technology and infrastructure to realize more sustainable and cleaner energy globally.

Malcolm Spittler, Global Investment Strategist and Senior US Economist at Citi Global Wealth Investments

Malcolm Spittler

Global Investment Strategist & Senior US Economist, Citi Global Wealth Investments

Raad Alkadiri, Managing Director of Energy, Climate and Resources, Eurasia Group

Raad Alkadiri

Managing Director of Energy, Climate and Resources, Eurasia Group

Shari Friedman, Eurasia Group\u2019s Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability

Shari Friedman

Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability, Eurasia Group

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