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Ousted U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.


McCarthy is ousted as House speaker. What comes next?

In a historic first, the most powerful Republican has been ousted.

After just nine months on the job, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was booted on Tuesday when Democrats joined eight Republicans in backing a vote calling for his ouster. Crucially, the vote was brought by the right flank of McCarthy’s party.

How’d we get here? A handful of anti-establishment, far-right Republicans have opposed McCarthy’s speakership from the get-go, but the immediate trigger was the speaker’s decision to work with Democrats over the weekend to pass a temporary spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. Though that stopgap measure, which will expire on Nov. 17, did not include more aid for Ukraine, McCarthy did agree to introduce a separate measure to dole out more funds to Kyiv, infuriating far-right members of his caucus.

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U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaking at a press conference

Sipa USA

Marjorie Taylor Green’s television

Is the far-right US Congresswoman from Georgia’s television watching her? Greene, known for her bitter hatred of anything named Biden and wild conspiracy theories about, say, “Jewish space lasers” or Satanic child sex rings run by Democrats — suggested Sunday she was fearing for her life after she caught someone trying to spy on her through the boob tube. (Cue the old Yakov Smirnoff routine: In SoVieT rAShA, teLeVision wAtch YOU!)
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Ari Winkleman

Will a GOP House speaker be able to control an unruly caucus?

The US Senate race could go either way, but most pundits and polls point to the House of Representatives turning red after Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Republicans need a net gain of just five seats to flip that chamber, and they are on track to do just that, and then some. Indeed, most polls suggest a double-digit gain for the GOP – not a red wave per se but still a sizable win.

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