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Edmonton Oilers players celebrate thier win over the Dallas Stars during the third period in game six of the Western Conference Final of the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place.

Walter Tychnowicz/Reuters

Canada fights for its first Stanley Cup in over 30 years

It’s been 31 years since a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup. In 1993, the Montreal Canadiens managed it, but the country has been shut out ever since. Starting Saturday, Canada is pinning its hopes for redemption on the Edmonton Oilers, who are set to face the Florida Panthers.

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Luisa Vieira

Graphic Truth: Most successful ice hockey teams

Ice hockey is by far the most popular sport in Canada, and the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens the most beloved NHL teams. Unsurprisingly, these two teams lead the pack in total Stanley Cup wins, while the Detroit Red Wings just south of the border boast third place in those ranks.

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