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The Road To Becoming a Sustainable Energy Superpower | Sec. Granholm: Full Interview | GZERO World

The road to becoming a sustainable energy superpower

A new legislation might save the US from a climate catastrophe. The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act has revived a sputtering Biden administration and represents the single largest climate spending package in US history. Ian Bremmer speaks to US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on GZERO World to talk about how the new law could help America (and the world) respond to climate change, by giving American families and businesses carrots to use more clean energy rather than sticks from guzzling fossil fuels.

The IRA will do things like boost the domestic energy manufacturing sector or help the US show up at the upcoming COP27 climate summit in Egypt as a global leader on clean energy. Granholm believes that Russia's war in Ukraine has aggravated the energy crisis. Making the transition to clean energy even more urgent because the West no longer wants to rely on Russia to keep the lights on.

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