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Debate Bingo: Welcome to the 2024 Biden-Trump showdown

Debate Bingo - Round 1: US Presidential Debates 2024

Here we are with the first of two presidential debates of the 2024 US election campaign. Thursday night’s debate will mark the first time a sitting US President debates a former one, and it will be the first debate for both in this campaign season.

Trump comes into this debate as a convicted felon in his hush money trial, with more cases on deck. Biden will have the chance to score points, face-to-face, but we can't promise that any slobbing or slurring won't lead to some "poor old Joe" jibes. Trump won't shy away from hitting below the belt, and that’s another reason why the policy of muting candidates' mics remains in place. This will make for an exciting duel... or brawl?

And to make the most of the experience, we've brought it back: DEBATE BINGO! Yes, you can make it a competition with your fellow politics nerd pals by printing out GZERO Media's debate bingo cards. Or just screenshot them and share with your friends to compare online. There are four different cards so that each player can have a unique board. Every time one of the candidates says one of these words or terms, X it on your card. The first player to get five across wins. And if you really want to jazz it up, you can mark each of your words by taking a swig of your favorite beverage, doing five burpees, or donating to your favorite charity or political candidate. Whatever your game is, you can play it with our bingo cards while you watch the debate on CNN at 9 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 27.

Enjoy! Follow our coverage of the debate with us on social media too - we'll be on X @gzeromedia.

Debate Bingo Card 1 - US Presidential Debate 2024

Download Debate Bingo Card

Debate Bingo Card 2 - US Presidential Debate 2024

Download Debate Bingo Card 2

Debate Bingo Card 3 - US Presidential Debate 2024

Download Debate Bingo Card 3

Debate Bingo Card 4 - US Presidential Debate 2024

Download Debate Bingo Card 4

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