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In Syria it’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ (For Assad)

In Syria it’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ (For Assad)
GZERO World S1E26: In Syria it’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ (For Assad)

Following an overnight round of US-backed airstrikes in Syria earlier this month, President Trump famously declared via tweet fiat, “Mission Accomplished!” Lara Setrakian, who founded the independent news site Syria Deeply, could not agree more…if you’re Bashar al-Assad and his cohort of allies.

From Russia to Iran, pretty much every state actor supporting the Syrian dictator has made out like a bandit. In doing so, they’ve all but ensured Assad’s survival and the continuation of a hellish status quo for the Syrian people.

+ a special #USvsThem edition of your world this week and a shiny brand new segment that we’re calling "Office Hours."


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