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Gaza: "Hearts will harden" against its people

Gaza: "Hearts will harden" against its people
Gaza: "Hearts will harden" against its people | GZERO World

What is to become of the Palestinian people? As war rages on both sides of the Gazan border, one thing, says Middle East scholar Shibley Telhami, is already clear: hearts will harden on both sides.

"Look, we know what happens in war," Telhami tells Ian Bremmer on GZERO World. "We know what happens when people suffer so dramatically every day of their lives. And we saw what happened in Israel just after the horrific attack, how people's hearts hardened so much that many in Israel are calling for leveling Gaza. And look at the results now, with thousands of Palestinian civilians being killed and wounded and up to 300,000 as of today have been rendered. Homeless. People's hearts get hardened."

Is there a diplomatic way out of all this carnage, or will the pain of these days result in more division and more conflict?

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